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Sober Living & Reintegration care

Liberty Programme

for Sober Living and Mental Health Disorders in Cape Town

The Intake criteria to be admitted at Liberty Home is as follows:

You have completed a Primary Care program

You test negative for any Narcotics & Alcohol

If you have completed a Primary Care program and you experienced a relapse, you need to go for a medically supervised detox prior admission to our Reintegration Care Program

Tailored Treatments

Liberty Home offers tailored treatments for a wide range of addictions and mental health disorders to promote sober living and/ or Social Reintegration. Our team of highly qualified social workers and experts by experience guides you in the language that fits you best: English, Dutch, French, or Afrikaans.

We’re here for you when you’re struggling with:

In our home we offer two different kinds of programs: Reintegration Care and Sober Living

The intake criteria for both the programs are being clean from all altered mood substances as well as having completed a primary care program.

In our Reintegration Care program, we will focus on the clients being healthy and productive to themselves and society. We will give tools and opportunities to develop a volunteer job, a hobby or a vocation while keeping sober living habits. This is strictly supervised and approved by the therapeutic team. We still offer a therapeutic programme during the week (one therapeutic group a day), which focuses on relapse prevention as well as effective means of conquering triggers and cravings. One-to-one sessions will still be done on a weekly basis in order to have a good follow-up of the client’s reintegration back into society.

Reintegration Care

Sober Living

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Here’s how we help

We’ll be honest: overcoming addiction or a mental health disorder isn’t a stroll through the park. However, our multifaceted programme assures you of optimal guidance and support throughout your recovery. We specialize in various forms of psychological treatment, namely Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Trust is what keeps our team and community together. We are ardently focused on helping you achieve a realistic reintegration into your original environment and community. For that, we need you to act. Only talking doesn’t cut it. Re-integration requires commitment, effort, and hard work. If you’re up for it, we promise to support you in every way we can.

“Action is key. Nobody talks themselves into addiction, and we cannot simply talk our way out of it.”


(*an additional cost of 30% for private rooms)


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