Our Team



Morgane has seen her share of addiction. She overcame multiple habits such as alcohol disorder not wanting to out with her addictions in her home country, she sought help in south African rehabilitation clinics. Today it's her mission to help people with addiction around the globe apart from being a trainer, she's currently studying psychology at the University of Cape Town and have degrees in Business Finance and Sciences & Economics.


Chief Operations Officer

Vincent is a recovering addict who has overcome substance abuse and left behind a life of misery and dysfunction, then leaped into a life of recovery and abundance. Now he looks to share his new outlook on life in the world and assist in reintegrating suffering addicts/alcoholics into a new way of life. Being in recovery has given Vicent a second chance at life and he is not taking it for granted.


Recovery Assistant

Leonoard holds an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Malawi and a master's degree in Health Science from the University of Pune, India. He Strongly believes that health is not only a mere absence of deformity or 'physical' disease but also a complete state of mental well-being. He has previously worked in Human Nutrition research quantitative and qualitative methods. through qualitative research, he has developed skills in Interacting with people with different health complexities, including addictions through team action his work has been about promoting good health and overall well-being. He considers the process of recovery as being multifaceted, requiring plans that address the psychological, medical, nutrition and interpersonal needs of individual clients. Leonoard is happy to work at liberty directly and be of service in helping peers overcoming addiction. He believes the experience will also help him to garner and supplement his perspective on addiction as a health issue. Leonard is caring, dedicated and passionate individual who brings synergy to a team effort.


Head Counsellor (Addiction specialist).

Ruby Weber has worked in the addictions field for the past 20years. she holder both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Psychology and a Master's degree in Criminology, Law, and Society, with these degrees being conferred by Wits University, The University of Cape Town(UCT) respectively. In addition, she was trained by the founder and team of Sprit2Sprit Trauma Healing (based in Florida, USA). She brings a depth and diversity of both theoretical knowledge along with practical implementation skills related to individual and group healing; that meet at the intersection of Trauma and addiction. Ruby has held both operational and clinical positions at in-patient and out-patient treatment settings in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. She is passionate about facilitating personal growth through the application of recovery-based skills-sets to counter 'old', self-defeating way of thinking, feeling and behaving in the world.


Recovery Assistant

After being in active drug for more than 27 years of my life. the pain and trauma brought me to realize that I couldn't keep on fighting my various drugs of choice. I finally surrendered at the age of 42. I see myself as someone who stays very close to my illness. Since coming clean, I have worked in treatment centers as an RA. I see my job as a calling because I can relate to most the addicts about their struggles This is the Therapeutic help of the 12step program where one addict helps the other. I also see myself as a Late Bloomer by starting to study for a social worker as a full-time student at the University in BSW. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be on board at Liberty home. my motto in life is "I'm here to help".


recovery Assistant

I came into recovery in 2013, after reaching the end of my road with alcohol and drugs.  Being in recovery has given me a second chance at life and a gift that I so desperately wanted. Working the 12 Step program has taught me how to live again and to give back, by helping the still suffering addict. I have a sponsor and sponsees who hold me accountable Just for today. The experience and growth I have gained in recovery gives me a unique perspective to help those new to the process.  Working as an RA allows me to pursue my passion and gives me that opportunity.


recovery Assistant

If you had told be 11+ years ago that I'd be working in the field of addiction or that I'd be clean from drugs, and that I would have a relationship with God, I would have not believed it for a second. My fight was a hard one, my trauma kept me stuck in darkness and pain and drugs took me to a place where I used to live and lived to use. I was spiritually and emotionally dead. Today, I have a relationship with myself because I have a beautiful relationship with a God of my understanding. I live a life I could not have imagined even if I tried. I'm a mom to a beautiful, wonderfully weird 15 year old, a daughter, a sister and a friend because I choose a life in recovery every day. Working with other addicts gives me the opportunity to give back what was so freely given to me and to practice compassion and love, by doing so I am no longer in the darkness of active addiction but in the light of recovery. 


recovery Assistant

I have run group sessions in a treatment center for over a year and have the experience I have gained here at Liberty Home since February 2021, and along with a hard working recovery program of my own, I hope I can assist others in their recovery from addiction.
At the very least I can relate to how others are feeling and be someone who is for them, and not against them, possibly for the first time in a while.



Frad is our resident house-keeper. He fixes anything, makes beds, cleans, carries the guest's bags, does the guest's laundry and offers support - always with a ready smile and willingness to help in any way he can. He has a lovely disposition that fits in perfectly with the energy we have in the house, and we are lucky to have him as part of the team.