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*Liberty Home is not a Primary Care Facility

Liberty home is a halfway house; therefore, to be admitted, one needs to have completed a primary care program (12 Step Fellowship) and be clean from all substances. 

If you are currently still in active addiction (that means using any substances, i.e., alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, sex & love, gambling, co-dependency): Liberty Home can also help you.

We offer primary treatment through various primary institutions that we work closely with. We will assist your recovery process from end to end [first interview/assessment, transport to and from the airport & admission…].
We offer a free evaluation to determine the best primary institution for you and put a recovery plan of action into place for post-primary discharge.
Primary care is in place to remove individuals from their toxic habits and lifestyle. If medical intervention is needed before being admitted into a primary care program, the primary institutions that we work with, the individual will be first sent to detox under the supervision of medically trained professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, etc. Once the individual is stable, their primary program will commence.

If you are South African and have a medical aid [hospital plan], we can suit your primary care program to be covered by medical assistance [depending on your plan].

Addiction is more than just the things listed above; addiction is a behavioural disease. First, we need to be removed from the ‘drug of choice’ before looking more profound to the behavioural aspect to rediscover ourselves. We need to ask why we need to compulsively use or act out on in the ways that we do.

Primary care is not a holiday getaway; it takes hard work to remove the years of negative thinking and habits. Primary care is there to help guide the individual through clearing the fog.

Statistically, those that commit to long-term treatment are less like to relapse. We think of it as laying a good foundation to assist one in rebuilding their lives from the ground up. The bricks and cement laid are tough enough to deal with life on life’s terms once one has completed their treatment. Typically, and ideal treatment period is 3 – 6 weeks in a primary care followed by 2-4 months in a secondary care to really learn all the tools necessary to reintegrate into society again.



Phone or email us

South African number  +27 62 021 0972   for international calls please phone via WhatsApp or our Belgium number   
+32 476 01 05 55  you can also Email us at  [email protected]


Assessment / Evaluation

We will set up an assessment/evaluation to assess what you need and a treatment plan proposition with all the logistics included


Begin your primary care

We will collect you from the airport & deliver you at the primary care institution and follow up with you periodically during your treatment.


Begin your Secondary care with Libertyhome

We will set up an assessment/evaluation to assess what you need and a treatment plan proposition with all the logistics included

Reach out, and we do the rest. Together, we can overcome addiction.

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