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L, Cape Town, October 2022

After spending 6 months in a primary treatment facility in South Africa, I had done some
serious work on myself. Even though I had a long stint in primary treatment, to give myself
the best shot at being able to live an independent life without using I knew I needed to be in
a safe place where I was able to build on that independence. Liberty did exactly that. Not
only was I able to gain independence, but Liberty also gave me the space to continue the
hard work on myself. I stayed at Liberty for 4 months and it helped shape me to the person I
am today. Morgane helped me discover what it was I wanted to be and do when I reentered society, she helped me gain the confidence to believe I could achieve my goals and
become that person. Today I work within mental health, live independently, have
relationships with my family and am even enrolled to study for a degree in Psychology and
Counselling. Because of that, I will forever be grateful and have love for Morgane and every
single person who helps keep Liberty being the amazing place it is.

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