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Sober Living & Secondary Reintegration care facility in Cape Town

OUR Sober Living VALUES

Liberty Home is not like any other sober living or secondary reintegration care or recovery clinic. We go beyond the clinical approach, offering a safe and nurturing family environment in a halfway home in Lakeside —an upmarket and tranquil neighbourhood in Cape – South Africa Town. You are supported by a team of experienced professionals in sober living at all times.

Our goal is as simple as it is complex: preparing you for a clean and serene life with sustainable results in the long term. Doing away with denial is the first step, followed by a reintegration plan that maximizes your chances of a full recovery.


When suffering from substance abuse, you feel isolated from society, misunderstood, and lonely. Our safe haven, with a strong family atmosphere, counters this feeling. It empowers you and stimulates you to take responsibility in daily life. It teaches you to live together and respect the privacy of your peers. From meetings and outings to the simplest of tasks such as cooking and chores, everything is done as a group, that’s the beauty of Secondary Reintegration Care.

We don’t rely on scripted methods of recovery. At Liberty, we believe in teaching, guiding, and learning by example, in all honesty. We try to show you that getting clean and living drug-free is not only achievable; it can be done happily.

Halfway house sober living - group counseling

Individual Therapy

Years of working with a small community and a committed professional team has led to a powerful therapeutic programme. Primary care and a long-lasting Secondary Reintegration Care programme are at the heart of it.

You are at the center of your recovery. You decide what you need most and what helps you best. There is no magic recipe for overcoming addiction. You aren’t subject to your rehab programme, you’re at the helm. Our professionals tailor their approach to your specific needs.

As we’ve said before, you’re never on your own. Your family and loved ones are always in the loop and follow the process closely.

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Overcoming addiction is more than just putting an end to your substance abuse. The outside world is full of temptations and possibilities. The core of your rehabilitation success is a fundamental shift in lifestyle and behavior. Liberty Home creates a safe environment; however, we keep it as close to reality as possible, to minimize the risk of relapse when you return to your trusted environment.

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Every professional you encounter at Liberty Home has a history of addiction. They understand the severity and intensity of your problems because they have lived them first-hand. This enables them to offer a whole new perspective on rehabilitation and the efforts it requires.

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