What is Addiction?

Addiction too often remains taboo. Let’s start by saying this: You are not weak, or lacking willpower. You are not useless or feeble. Addiction is an illness, a symptom of underlying and often complex issues. It’s an illness that can take over every aspect of daily life, get out of hand and result in incarceration, mental disorders, or even death.

Society—and maybe even you—might think that your addiction is the core problem. However, it’s too often a temporary solution to cope with other problems that must be addressed. If not, your addiction will remain the central point of your life, eventually destroying it.

Knowing that, recovering isn’t just a matter of putting an end to your substance abuse. It’s about achieving a fundamental change in mindset and behavior. If left untreated, addiction will undoubtedly lead to a constant struggle with yourself. It will have you living in isolation, stripped from financial resources and meaningful relationships.

It’s time to step up. However, only you can do that. Once you have, we will be right beside you to guide you on the road to recovery.

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