Hi there. By clicking on our link, you’ve decided it’s time to overcome your addiction. It’s important to know, you’re not on your own. Our professional and experienced rehabilitation team is 100% behind you. We understand that addiction thrives in isolation, but by working together in a safe, nurturing family environment like Liberty Home, you can overcome your habit in our secondary care facility.

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Many people have succeeded with our reintegration programme and, so can you! Let’s work together to create a new sober way of life. Not only for yourself, but for your loved ones, family, and friends as well. By viewing our website, you’re set to take the first step towards recovery. We’re happy to welcome you into the Liberty Home family.

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Liberty Home offers tailored treatments for a wide range of addictions. Our team of highly qualified social workers and experts-by-experience guides you in the language that fits you

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What is addiction

Addiction too often remains taboo. Let’s start by saying this: You are not weak, or lacking willpower. You are not useless or feeble. Addiction is an illness, a symptom of underlying and often complex issues.