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Yes! Cape Town is open for travelers. The City has established a set of safety protocols for ensuring people adhere to health and safety guidelines. All international travelers arriving must provide a valid
certificate of a negative COVID-19 test, recognized by the World Health Organisation, which was
obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of travel. Cape Town is blessed with mild weather and
plenty of open space, so there are many opportunities for nature adventures and experiences away from
Secondary treatment is a transitional phase that begins after the completion of primary treatment. This interim form of treatment allows clients to continue working closely with a therapist as they address psychological and emotional issues in greater depth and begin to understand the behaviors that lead to addiction. This stage is supportive but somewhat less structured than primary treatment. It usually lasts one to six months and is useful for individuals who need help learning to navigate daily life without substances. This is a dangerous time for many in recovery and the risk of relapse is high. As people begin the process of returning to daily routines, they learn the importance of accountability and responsibility and gradually regain more control of their lives. Residents of sober living houses are expected to adhere to certain rules, often consisting of a curfew and participation in household chores. Sober living in homes require more personal responsibility. Residents are usually free to come and go freely during the day, but
are often expected to work or attend school.
Generally, residents choose sober living homes after completing an in-patient program, especially if they need the help and support of professionals as they transition to the sober lifestyle. The sober living environment helps individuals by providing an autonomous, but structured environment. Residents enjoy the support of program directors, counselors, sponsors, and co-residents. This environment is
highly effective at helping individuals prevent a relapse into addiction.

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