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Secondary Care Facility in Cape Town/ Belgium

Two crucially important factors are required for a sustained and long-term recovery from any addictionprocess addictiondual-diagnosis issue, or eating disorder. We believe that these factors are the length of time spent in a quality and supportive environment. Secondly, the people with whom the individual surrounds themselves in the early days and weeks of recovery. secondary rehab and tertiary rehab come in, providing the required safety and support in an environment that is comfortable and entirely conducive to recovery amongst the incredible counsellors and other staff. The beautiful city of Cape Town is the most incredible place to experience this authentic recovery anywhere in the world. Secondary Care is applicable to the client’s individual needs, maintaining the highest quality and providing the finest fully supported Cape Town Secondary Rehab Cape Town Experiences as part of the individual process. Hugely passionate about only providing the best quality service to all of their clients. Continued support is always key in the first months of any recovery journey and the high level of peer support here, right in the heart of the wider Cape Town Recovery Community, is what makes our partnerships special and a part of the bigger picture of returning Cape Town to its former status as the best place in the world for a full and involved rehab and recovery experience! Secondary recovery centres focus on slightly less intensive and more progressive longer-term recovery strategies and are structured around the process of rebuilding the person and not the addict.

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Patients in secondary care have in many cases been through inpatient detox and have begun learning the coping and relapse prevention skills that will support them in their long-term journey to recovery.

However secondary care does not necessarily only address “rock bottom patients” that are rebuilding their lives. Many patients that seek secondary care are those that have a “bit of a problem” and or people that are “on the edge” of having a problem and simply need the guidance and the tools to manage their day-to-day lives.

Secondary care clinics/centres and services ultimately reinforce the skills required for recovery over a far longer period than would traditionally be feasible in a primary care facility. This extended exposure and life skills geared program enables people to operate their day-to-day lives and remain in a constructive system over a long period of time, which is universally the key to a sustained recovery.

Secondary care is often deemed “the professional” program in that it is attended by many working professionals seeking deeper advice than what is furnished in 12 step groups.

Secondary Care enables individuals to establish the structure in their lives that allows them to come back into being productive members of society armed with the tools that prevent further relapses.

Secondary Rehab in Belgium

Secondary care rehabs cement the life skills required for recovery over a far longer period than would traditionally be feasible in a primary care facility.

After completing your course of primary treatment, you may wish to avail yourself of secondary care options, such as a stay in a sober living facility. This arrangement involves placing you into a temporary home with other recovering addicts, as you begin reintegrating with society.

Sober living houses can help make the transition back to independent life more manageable. The houses themselves are loosely monitored, with no drugs or alcohol of any kind allowed inside. Housemates are encouraged to offer support to one another and share their struggles as they confront each personal challenge on the journey to recovery. Many former addicts credit their time in secondary care facilities to be a valuable stepping stone on the path back to normal living.

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