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Rehabilitation programs

Longer-term treatment programs for substance-related and addictive disorders can be highly
effective and typically focus on remaining drug-free and resuming function within social,
professional, and family responsibilities. Fully licensed residential facilities are available to
structure a 24-hour care program, provide a safe housing environment and supply any
necessary medical interventions or assistance.

A few types of facilities can provide a therapeutic environment, including:

Short-term residential treatment: This focuses on detoxification and preparing an individual
for a longer period within a therapeutic community through intensive counselling.

Therapeutic communities: A person seeking long-term treatment for severe forms of addictive
disorder would live in a residence for between 6 and 12 months with on-site staff and others in
recovery. The community and staff serve as key factors in recovery from and changes in
attitudes and behaviours toward drug use.

Recovery housing: This provides a supervised, short-term stay in housing to help people
engage with responsibilities and adapt to a new, independent life without ongoing substance
use. Recovery housing includes advice on handling finances and finding work, as well as
providing the connection between a person during the final stages of recovery and community
support services.

rehabilitation programs

Liberty Home in Cape Town is what one would refer to as Recovery Housing or a Secondary
Care Facility. It is a necessity that primary care treatment is first completed before one can
move into Liberty Home. At Liberty Home, you will be provided with 2 different treatments
namely Social Reintegration Care and Sober Living. In our Reintegration Care program, we will
focus on the clients being healthy and productive to themselves and society.

We will give tools and opportunities to develop a volunteer job, a hobby or a vocation. This is
strictly supervised and approved by the therapeutic team. We still offer a therapeutic programme
during the week (one therapeutic group a day), which focuses on relapse prevention as well as
effective means of conquering triggers and cravings. One-to-one sessions will still be done on a
weekly basis in order to have a good follow-up of the client’s reintegration back into society.

To learn more you can reach out to Liberty Home through our website: http://libertyhome.co.za.

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