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new Website for our secondary care facility!

Check out our new Website www.libertyhome.co.za!

Liberty Home in Cape Town South Africa is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! Check out www.libertyhome.co.za and start recovery today! Liberty Home is a Secondary Care Facility that assists guests who have attended rehabilitation for narcotic, sex and alcohol addiction. Liberty Home offer 2 programmes namely Social Reintegration and Sober Living. Each programme provides you with new and exciting opportunities for a sober and clean lifestyle. Seeking help for addiction is the first step to recovery. overcoming addiction is not easy. Our programmes are designed to provide you with optimal guidance and support through your recovery. We specialize in various forms of psychological treatment, namely Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (BDT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Liberty Home is host to a team of trained professionals and counsellors to assist you on your road to recovery. Our home in stills family values creating a free atmosphere where we can teach, learn and socialise in a clean sober living environment. We offer various activities and treatments aimed at making your stay and recovery as comfortable as possible.

Addiction comes in many forms, Liberty Home offer support in:

  • Alcohol  

  • Narcotics  

  • Eating disorders  

  • Prescription medication abuse  

  • Sex and love addiction  

  • Intimacy disorder  

  • Co-dependency  

  • Gambling addiction  

  • Over-exercise  

  • Compulsive shopping  

The intake criteria for both the programs are being clean from all altered mood substances as well as having completed a primary care program for rehabilitation from addiction.

In our Reintegration Care program, we will focus on the clients being healthy and productive to themselves and society. We will give tools and opportunities to develop a volunteer job, a hobby or a vocation. This is strictly supervised and approved by the therapeutic team. We still offer a therapeutic programme during the week (one therapeutic group a day), which focuses on relapse prevention as well as effective means on conquering triggers and cravings. One-to-one sessions will still be done on a weekly basis in order to have a good follow-up on the client’s reintegration back into society.

For more information, visit www.libertyhome.co.za, or contact us via WhatsApp at +27 72 0877628.


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